The First Coming

For some time I’ve been toying with the idea of writing some fiction. I don’t want to take on too much, so the flash fiction genre seems an ideal place to start. Flash fiction has several definitions, but I’m taking the most restrictive (and easiest to finish!): stories of 100 words maximum. This is my first effort to be shared, and you may recognise where I borrowed the idea from: it’s a modern day reworking of a well-known story! I hope you like it.


“You what?!” screamed Mary, at the Stranger who had just appeared from nowhere. “I can’t be! I’ve never done it with anyone, not even Joe.”

“Trust me,” the Stranger said, “I have it on the highest authority.”

“No f***ing way!” Mary shouted, and stomped off angrily.

But on the way home she started thinking more calmly; “Maybe it’ll be OK, Joe and I both want kids.” But then reality dawned: he’d never believe her. There was only one thing for it: she was going to need a new trackie and to get her teeth done for the Jeremy Kyle Show.