Family And Music: A Revisit

This Sunday will be Father’s Day here in the UK, as well as in the US and in many other countries around the world. I posted this piece a year ago today, and felt it right to share it again. It has become a firm favourite of my posts, and has been in my all time top ten since shortly after I published it. It is one of my longer works, but please don’t let that put you off! It says a lot about the importance of family in our lives, and this is a good time to be reminded of that, I think. And I’m happy to report that my own Dad is still with us: he is now 94, and is suffering from dementia, but he is still my Dad and I love him.

Take It Easy

These are two of the most important things in my life. Whilst others may well debate the importance of music, I think we will all agree that family is everything to us. Back in June 2018 our family was blessed with the birth of my first (and so far only) granddaughter. Not surprisingly, this major life moment didn’t go unnoticed here on my blog, and I wrote two posts about her birth, and my hopes for her future, both of which were themed around a song. I mentioned these in a comment chat on a friend’s blog the other night, and it struck me that many of you won’t have seen those posts before. Both have been reprised, but as that was two years ago it seemed a good enough reason to edit these into a combined post, as the thoughts and feelings I shared then are still just as…

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