Advent Calendar Day 4

Day 4 of the Advent Calendar trundles into view. I’m enjoying these so far, and hope you are too. I thought I’d share a couple of upbeat songs today, as those of us who are working (not I!) wind down towards the weekend. This would normally be the time of the week when those who are so inclined would be sorting out the gladrags for an evening of unbridled debauchery – but times are anything but normal. So I’m bringing the party to you, albeit briefly. I’ve shared both of these in previous years, but I love them both so I’m giving them to you again!

The first is from the best live band I’ve ever seen:

I doubt that many of you outside these shores – or possibly even here, too – will know much of Bellowhead. They were an 11 piece ‘big folk band’ who gave us ten years of great music and loads of fun: their gigs were just as crazy as you might imagine from that video. They disbanded four years ago but came back together virtually during the first lockdown, and created a new video of one of their fan favourites for us to enjoy. Clearly, the band enjoyed the reunion, as they are coming together again for a live (well, sort of) streaming of a show marking the tenth anniversary of their Hedonism album. It is being broadcast tomorrow evening – I have my ticket and can’t wait.

Today’s second song is from a long-term favourite of mine. Like Bellowhead, John Mellencamp has featured in my Tuesday Tunes series, so you may have seen him then. This is from a live concert performance of a Christmas pop classic, which is given his inimitable treatment:

That was recorded in 1987 and, whilst other versions have been chart hits, this one wasn’t – although it does appear on a benefit album, A Very Special Christmas, which was released to support Special Olympics International Inc. This performance is typically boisterous and is made for me by the show-stealing role played by John’s three year old daughter Teddi. She will be in her mid thirties now, but I hope she still gets pleasure from seeing how adorable she was back then. The ‘proud Dad’ look on his face is says it all.

That’s a wrap for today. I’ll leave you with an image for our times:

See you tomorrow 🎅