Shake It Off

As it’s the weekend I’m taking it easy (see what I did there?!) and will be spending the day with the paper, music and football. I can only really share one of those with you, so here goes…..

One of the great delights in music for me is when someone covers a song and adds something to it. Many covers are just inferior copies or, in some cases, total massacres of great songs. I’m thinking Madonna’s destruction of the iconic American Pie, or perhaps Cher’s annihilation of Marc Cohn’s lovely Walking In Memphis (Walking in Memfuss, anyone?). Now that I’m about to tell you this, I guess this isn’t a guilty pleasure any more, but I love Taylor Swift’s music. I know, I know! I’m about 50 years older than most of her fans, and the wrong gender, but hey, each to their own! The first single off her most recent album was this one:

Catchy, fun, funny, what’s not to like? Unless it becomes today’s earworm after you’ve heard it. Sorry. (Not really!)

Some of the best covers I know are made by The Canadian band Walk Off The Earth. They have made a specialty out of incredibly inventive videos, both for their own songs and for covers. Their version of Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know is amazing and has over 168 million views on YouTube. Here’s what they did with Shake It Off:

Now THAT’s how to do a cover! Keep the song, but make it your own too.

Have a great weekend 🙂