☘️Songs For St Patrick’s Day☘️

In case you hadn’t noticed, today is St Patrick’s Day. I’m not in the least part Irish – I’d never have passed the Jack Charlton test – but I have long been a huge fan of Irish music. It therefore felt right to make an additional bonus post this week and share a few tunes for the day. I won’t be passing much comment on the music – think of this as more a brief Wednesday Warblings rather than a Tuesday Tunes post – but I hope you’ll enjoy some of the music that wonderful country has produced over the years.

The first one is a meeting made in Heaven between two of my favourites. Van Morrison and The Chieftains got together in 1988 to make an album called Irish Heartbeat, and this is the opening track:

A slower one next, from a master of his craft:

It isn’t one of Christy’s own songs – it was written by Jimmy MacCarthy – but that is, simply, a piece of musical magic.

This next one is a standard of Irish music, so much so that I was spoilt for choice on which version to include. At the risk of upsetting folk purists, I went for a rock version:

I really couldn’t leave these guys out, could I? They don’t come much more Irish than this:

I thought I’d round off by going back where I began: another track from the Irish Heartbeat album. I couldn’t find a live version of this one that I liked, either by Van and The Chieftains or anyone else, but this video gives a nice feel for the spirit of the music, and of today:

☘️Happy St Patrick’s Day. Have a great day, wherever you are!☘️