Time To Worry – An Updated Update

We are now in the run up to our annual Time To Talk Day, which will be on 6 February. I first posted a version of this piece four years ago, and have shared updates each year since then. This is last year’s update, in which I added several thoughts on the future of mental health care in this country. A further year on, and I am no less pessimistic. As we approach Brexit Day I fear that our government will at long last begin to understand the reality of what this means for the country: not least in the predators from the US waiting to pounce on the NHS, but also in the pressures Brexit will undoubtedly bring on government finances. It will also, I am certain, devote much attention away from the provision of healthcare services. I have no confidence in this government’s supposed commitment to improving mental health care, nor in their ability to do it. How could I, when the Secretary of State for Health seems to have made it his mission to display his ignorance and stupidity? Then again, that is par for the course: he isn’t the only similarly challenged Secretary of State.

All that I have said in previous years remains valid, which is why I have continued to share these posts with updates, rather than write something new. There will be a new piece next week for Time To Talk Day – this is the trailer for that, in effect. As I’ve said before, I hope you read my previous post again even if you’ve seen it before: this is a serious issue and the more it can be drawn to our collective attention the better.

Take It Easy

Three years ago today I wrote a piece called Time To Worry, in which I shared some horrific results from recent studies into our mental health. I reblogged the piece last year with a commentary, and as we are again approaching Time To Talk Day (7 February this year) I thought it right to share the post again, both for newer readers to see for the first time and also with an update for those who may have seen this before. Even if you have already read the original post I encourage you to read this update: our mental health is vitally important to us and we all need to be aware of this, and of how we can help ourselves and others. As is my usual practice I will give you the original words and then return to round things up after. This is the initial post:

A few…

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