What Now?

This post from five years ago popped up in my Timehop feed today. Some musings on history, and what we do and don’t learn from it: particularly relevant in current times, I think!

Two quick tips:

1. Don’t bother following the link to the post on Guy Fawkes – it was the history part of yesterday’s Bonfire Night Tunes post.

2. And don’t bother following the link to Samantha’s blog, as it is no longer there. I hope it wasn’t anything I said…

Take It Easy

Something happened on my blog yesterday which doesn’t happen every day: I got a new follower. This isn’t one of those mega blogs that aims to be a major player andwhich actually looksmore like a ‘proper’ website than a blog. This is just (not so) little old me with my thoughts. Every follower is someone who has made a conscious decision to do that – well, I hope they were conscious -and I appreciate each and every one. Likewise, every time someone reads what I write I am honoured that you have given a little of your time to me. So, new follower, welcome!

I don’t follow everyone back – I make the sameinformed choice that they have made. But I always look at their blog, as I liketo see the range of people who might be interested in my thoughts. Yesterday’s follower was one that made me think. Prompted…

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