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Wake Me Up When Movember Ends (Again!)


Back in April I was suddenly struck by the idea that I could do something to help raise money for worthwhile charities by signing up for Movember – you know, that month when slugs appear under men’s noses. It seemed such a good idea that I blogged about it in What Do You Do For Money Honey – but now it’s time to really do something and make it happen! So I have signed up and am now starting to plead for donations. This is me:

My Mo Poster
My Mo Poster

I started the ball rolling by making a small donation, using the logic that if I didn’t support myself I couldn’t really expect anyone else to do so. Two kind people have already added to this and my total currently stands at £50. I’ve no idea what would be a good amount for someone like me to raise – I’m hardly a celebrity name known in every household! –  but I’d love to think that by the end of the month that £50 could increase to £500. That may be totally unrealistic, but every penny raised will go to a good cause.

MO13 Membership ShieldIn case you don’t know, Movember supports men’s health, specifically prostate cancer, which is where it started, but it also takes an interest in testicular cancer and mental health. All of these are extremely deserving of support and as those who know me will recognise it’s the last of these that is my particular interest. By raising funds, the Movember organisation hopes to provide active support for services for men with prostate cancer and for education programmes for them, their families and friends, and for us all.  There is a specific focus on early diagnosis, which is obviously vital in helping those afflicted to combat the disease and in giving them the best chance of overcoming it. The Movember website tells you all you need to know, whether you just want to find out more, or donate, or even to join up – it’s only three days into Movember so you won’t be at much of a disadvantage in developing a luxuriant growth! Those of us taking part are known as ‘Mo Bros’ but if you are unable to grow a moustache on the basis of being female you can also show your support by becoming a ‘Mo Sista’ – the website tells you how. If anyone would like to be my Mo Sista I’d be honoured! You will see plenty of support for Movember throughout the month. Many celebrities take part – Stephen Fry did it last year, for example.  A number of sports people also grow a Mo – and so does Joey Barton.

I hope you can support Movember in one way or another – or in more than one if you like! If you are intending to donate, I’d be thrilled if you would do it on my Movember page to help get my total as high as possible. But any donation, however and wherever it is made, will support the cause.

As an excuse to keep reminding you about this I’ll be posting regular updates about the state of my growth. If I’m lucky, I could end Movember looking like this:

Or maybe not!
Or maybe not!

Watch this space 🙂

What Do You Do For Money, Honey?

Wake Me Up When Movember Ends

It's official!
It’s official!

I was just looking through my Dates of Note for the rest of the year and a thought struck me. Yes, I know that’s rare, so I thought I’d commit it to paper/screen/whatever before a) I forgot it and b) I chickened out of it. So here goes.

Well, he is a Scouser!

In recent years November has been ‘renamed’ Movember, originally (I think) to widen awareness of prostate cancer but it is now more widely seen as a way of raising awareness of men’s health in a more general way. To mark the event in manly style moustaches are grown, progress is evidenced by a series of embarrassing photos, and money is donated to charity as well as awareness being increased. Match of the Day begins to resemble a 70s retro version, and if they added the Keegan perm the look would be complete – think Harry Enfield’s Scousers, you won’t be far off. Taches to support Movember are grown by all kinds of men you thought would have more sense. And by Joey Barton.

The Adolf Chaplin look - on a Mael
The Adolf Chaplin look – on a Mael

At various stages of my life I’ve grown a full set, although my beard days are now over – I look far too much like Captain Birdseye for my own good. But I know I could grow a moustache that would be vaguely worthy of the name, so why not give it a go? I will have retired by then, so in the event of disaster I can hide until December. Although I’m not famous, except in my own mind, I’d hope that by spreading the word I can raise some money for a worthwhile cause, as well as doing my bit for awareness. 1,000+ follow me on Twitter, for reasons best known to themselves, and this site gets many more viewings than just from those who actually follow it – usually between 300 and 500 a week. That should be some help, I’d have thought. So, before I can renege on the idea, I thought I’d go public. There, it’s done. I feel better for that! But I’m guessing you may not, come Movember and the evidence 🙂

Piece of cake - I have a whole month!
Piece of cake – I have a whole month!

Nearer the time I’ll set up a page for donations and I’ll do a bit more research – if I can choose my own beneficiary I’ll pick a charity to support. It will probably be something to do with mental health but I’m open to suggestions, though anyone who mentions Help The Aged will be removed from my Christmas card list! I may even be brave/stupid enough to set a target to raise. Then I can put one of those big measuring scale things on here, like you see for the church roof restoration fund.

If nothing else, this should give you a little amusement! I hope I’ll be able to rely on your support: financial, moral, immoral or any other kind you like 😉

And if any big companies are looking for a plusplusplus-size moustache model for the autumn, you know where to find me……