We Carry On

You may recall that in my post There Is Still Time To Change I told you that the excellent Time To Change (TTC) organisation was coming to the end of its road on 31 March, as it was no longer going to be in receipt of government funding. Well, that day has been and gone, and the organisation is no more, as shown by these two emails that I received on the day:










It is sad to see them go, but it is good to know that their work will be continued. Their two parent organisations, Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, are both well established as providers of support for mental health, and as one of the ongoing effects of the pandemic will cause an increased demand for mental health services all such support is likely to be required.

As the emails make clear, the main focus of TTC’s work has been on attempting to reduce the stigma which attach to mental illness, and to change attitudes towards it. The continuation of a legacy website as a resource is very good news, as is the fact that Time To Talk Day will also still be with us. I posted #TimeToTalk Day 2021 for this year, and look forward to doing so again next year. I’ve checked the website, which is indeed still there, though it appears to be lacking some of its visuals. You can find it here if you’d like to know more.

The websites for the other two organisations I have mentioned are also well worth visiting for information, especially if you are in need of support or know someone who is. This is Rethink, and here is Mind. I was a volunteer committee member for one of Mind’s local branches for many years, and can testify from first hand experience to how much good work they do. I hope you or your loved ones don’t need their help, but their resources are there for you if you do.

This has been very much a British-based post, but mental health is a concern everywhere. If you are in the USA, as many of my readers are, the Healthy Place organisation runs a campaign called Stand Up For Mental Health: you can find a link by clicking the image to the right or by using this link. The World Health Organisation also has a page for mental health, from which you will be able to find links to other countries: just go here.

Sadly, I fear that there will always be a need to reduce the stigma around mental health, as this is so ingrained in so many people and in so many parts of society. But please, please, if you think you or someone close to you needs help, don’t let this deter you from asking for it. I know from my own experience that taking that first step is the hardest thing to do, and being afraid of what others might say or think of you is part of that. But rest assured that it will be the right thing to do, and you won’t regret it. And whilst there are organisations campaigning against the stigma, there will always be someone in your corner. Take care, and I wish you a Happy Easter.