Advent Calendar Day 14

Today the Advent Calendar window opens on a couple of songs which are fun, with no pretensions to being anything more than that: sometimes we need a little fun in our lives, don’t we? I’ve shared both of these in previous years but they cheer me up, so I hope they do the same for you.

Having originally been released in 1967, today’s first choice took a while to reach my selections, but it is worth bringing back again! It was a novelty #1 hit in Australia and New Zealand, but not in the US or the UK, though it did reach #1 on Billboard’s Best Bets For Christmas chart, whatever that was. I chose it because it carries a good message about the spirit of friendship to all, which I think is especially appropriate for Christmas. The video is fun, too:

Today’s second choice also is an oldie, dating from 1979. I’m dipping into the hit parade again – I don’t do it often! – as this one actually spent five weeks in the UK charts, peaking at #28. I don’t imagine that many at the time would have foreseen a collaboration between Thin Lizzy and two of the Sex Pistols, but they got together and played a number of gigs under the name of The Greedies, although that wasn’t their first choice of name – it was cleaned up for the record-buying public This is their take on a couple of well known Christmas songs. They seem to be having fun with them, too:

Speaking of the pop charts, in the spirit of careful research I have taken a look at this week’s UK Top 100, to save you from the torture of doing it yourself. It must be nearly Christmas: 7 of the top 10, 19 of the top 30  and 45 of the top 100 are Christmas songs. Rest assured, I won’t be sharing any of them here apart from the two I already gave you on Day 12, which are both in the lower reaches. And I definitely won’t be playing the #1 – go on, take a guess. A clue: I can’t stand female singers who shriek rather than sing…

Enjoy your Monday: I hope I’ve brightened it up a bit. And in the same vein:

See you again tomorrow 🎅