September Fields

September. The month of the harvest – if it hasn’t already taken place. So what did we harvest from my blog posts in September? As has become my custom for more than a year now I’m bringing you a review of last month’s posts, in case you missed anything or simply have to see one of them again.

It began, as usual, with my recap of the previous month, in Dear August, which included links to all of the August offerings and, to mark my stealing it as my title, a lovely little tune from Noah Cyrus and PJ Harding. Noah is, for me, definitely the more talented sister, and if you didn’t catch it do revisit that post and see for yourself what I mean. I had featured one of her songs for July, too, but as far as I know she hasn’t yet written a song about September – but this month’s is an absolute corker, your reward at the end of the post for getting through all this drivel.

As always, each Tuesday last month saw another episode of Tuesday Tunes. All four of them concentrated on the Eighties, beginning with Tuesday Tunes 71: Eighties Second Encore. This was the third post in my mini-series of songs I liked which had sold enough copies to feature in the annual top forty charts of each year in the decade, and included music from Starship, Prince, Alice Cooper, Mike Oldfield (with Maggie Reilly), Mike + The Mechanics, Cyndi Lauper, Peter Gabriel and The Hooters.

I then began another three post mini-series of Eighties albums – not related to the charts, just music I liked and bought at the time. The first was Tuesday Tunes 72: Eighties Albums, which had music by AC/DC, Midnight Oil, R.E.M. (one video and a link to another), Steve Winwood (two videos plus a link), Tom Petty (x2), and Bruce Springsteen (x3). A real bumper issue with some great music.

Tuesday Tunes 73: More Eighties Albums did exactly what it said on the tin, giving you music from Guns N’ Roses (x2), Paul Simon (x2), The Waterboys (x3) and Dire Straits ( x2, both epics).

Looking back over those two posts, you get a good idea of how my musical taste had evolved over time, becoming much more rock music-oriented. I took this one step further with September’s final Tuesday piece, Tuesday Tunes 74: ‘Lesser Known’ Eighties in which I deliberately chose to go down a less travelled path and, for the most part, share some music that I loved but which had made less of an impact on the UK charts – that is ‘less’ as defined by ‘not much or absolutely none.’ This just featured three acts, but a combined total of nine videos, from The Traveling Wilburys (x2), John Mellencamp (x3), and Ry Cooder (x4). This was my favourite post of the three: I enjoyed them all a lot in compiling them, but this last one has to date been the least viewed, liked and commented post of the whole Tuesday Tunes series. Maybe the title I gave it put some people off? I don’t know, but for whatever reason it hasn’t done well, so far – but it is only three days old so maybe it will see a sudden upsurge of interest (he said, more in hope than expectation!). Playing it safe, though, I’ll be moving on from the Eighties next Tuesday: I already have my theme chosen, and a set of great music to accompany it.

I marked the solemn anniversary of 9/11, as I have done before, in 9/11 Twenty Years On, in which I gave you a few thoughts about what this might mean, and centred them around a stunningly beautiful, poignant song by the ever excellent Mary Chapin Carpenter.

I also made one of my occasional returns to a previous series in Another #SaturdaySong Revisited. You don’t know which song this was, or the memories it evoked for me? There’s only one way to find out: click that link!

I was very pleased that my most popular post of the month, in terms of likes, was my dip back into a piece I wrote some years ago in my only attempt, so far, at showing you my credentials as a lover of art. This post was Art History 101, about a painting that entranced me while I was studying the history of art at university and, as it was also a favourite of Freddie Mercury – who wrote a song about it – it gave me an excuse to squeeze in a little music, too. The post continues to be popular – it has just received another ‘like’ while I’ve been writing this!

This just leaves one more of September’s nine posts to mention. This was another reworking, but it proved no less popular for that, I’m happy to say! The post was Another Year Older, which I shared on my birthday to mark my year of birth – 1953. This was by any reckoning a pretty momentous year, even allowing for my arrival. The post gave you a pot pourri of news clips, some links to Pathé News, some music, some cartoons, and a general review of that year. Plenty to dip into!

So, that was September’s harvest. Keeping that rather tenuous link going, here is the tune from which I’ve purloined this month’s title:

I absolutely love this song, and I think Frazey Ford has the most amazing voice. She is Canadian, and originally came to my notice by being a founder member of the folk/Americana band The Be Good Tanyas, of which she is still a part, though she has now released three solo albums too. This was on the second of those, Indian Ocean, which was recorded in Memphis with Al Green’s backing band and released in 2014: it has that feel, doesn’t it. It is a great album: if you enjoyed that one, try this too.

So, that was my September. We’re now into autumn, which will bring with it new thoughts and maybe some music for me to share as the month moves onward. See you next time and, hopefully, for what appears here along the way.


47 thoughts on “September Fields

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  3. Congratulations, I wish to let you know that your post will be mentioned on the new Linky this upcoming Monday, October 11th as being on the podium for last week. Thanks for your loyal support and participation

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  4. Hi again
    Just wanted to say the “Done” song was a great jam!
    Enjoyed it yesterday and the Dancing in the video added something extra for me
    Just felt like joy for living life in an everyday fashion

    Also – don’t laugh – but the song felt like it had a mix of Al green – Edie Brickell and Tom petty kind of beat – and it brought me back to 1988 for a moment
    Thanks for reminding me to check it out –

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  7. Hi Clive – wow Frazey Ford has such a unique voice and singers like this are such a an extra gift to the world
    and that song was an upbeat and feel good kind of jam –
    and cheers to a ew season upon us

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    • She’s a bit special, isn’t she! And I love the feel of that song. If you have time and inclination check out the other one I linked to in the post – it’s from the same album and is just as good, if not even better!

      Hoping the new season cheers up a bit here, dull and rainy for the past few days. Fingers crossed it’s better for you 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi – things are not too bad – it is one of those seasons with so many great kings and a few challenges – but at least it is not “all” bad –
        Sending you some virtual sunshine ☀️
        and I will check out that song

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      • We could do with those – more rain again today but we seem to have got off fairly lightly: my dad and stepmother had reduced power and no internet for ten hours after storms damaged power lines, and they are only 90 miles from here!

        Hope you enjoy the song – it is such a sassy video, and she looks as though she had fun making it.

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    • I fear I may reveal how little I remember of my education! But I’m thinking about it – if I could just find another that someone has written a song about…


  8. another wonderful month of some familiar tunes and some brand new ones for me. I hae never heard of Frazey Ford, but I agree, she has a great voice. Another female Canadian singer with an amazing voice…

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  9. I know you’re not a big fan of Clive’s 80s, but I sure have enjoyed those 80s albums posts. As you’ve mentioned before, many of our musical tastes are related to when we were introduced to music. I can find something to enjoy in just about any era. I even like some of today’s music.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Pete. I think I’ve proved to myself that, despite what I think of the main 80s trends in pop music, there was still a lot of good stuff if you looked in the right places. But liking today’s music might be taking it a little far – with some notable exceptions.

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    • You’re welcome, Keith. I think her voice is amazing, and love listening to her. A critic described it as ‘warm butter’ when that album was released – it does have that soothing effect!


  10. Hi Clive. I haven’t heard of Frazey Ford either. That’s a top song! Then so is ‘Fields of Gold’. Not to mention ‘Strawberry Fields’ but that’s not exactly Autumnal.

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  11. Thanks for the introduction to Frazey Ford, Clive, who I haven’t heard of before. Another ‘Fields’ song is Sting’s Fields of Gold, which my youngest son and his wife had a choir sing at their wedding while we signed registers.

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    • Frazey is fabulous, a really sassy woman. I didn’t use that one for a good reason: I wanted a song with September in the title! The fields were a bonus, but I also love the Sting song. A great choice for your son’s wedding 😊

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