A Not Very Extreme Makeover

Around this time of year I usually change the theme for my blog, to reflect the fact that we’re now in the month of Christmas and that my posts are, in the main, geared more towards entertainment than the more ‘serious’ topics that I often cover. Over the years I’ve used two of WordPress’ themes for this and have returned this year to ‘Spirit’, which on balance is my preferred choice. I’ll go back to the regular style in the New Year – it just wouldn’t be right to have Christmas trees and snow on the blog then!

I’m now in the eighth year of the #adventcalendar which I do on Instagram (and share on Twitter and for Facebook friends). This is far from serious and, on some days, not for the faint-hearted – my sense of humour has been described as ‘warped’ by some who know me. I think that a little harsh but you can judge for yourself if you click the link opposite, in the ‘Be Social With Me’ section. As a taster, here is today’s offering (on reflection, maybe those friends may be good judges, but this is one of the cleaner ones):

I’m also now in the fifth year of my other ‘celebration’ of Christmas, which is musical. That is hardly surprising, given how many of my posts have a musical subject. For December, the #SongOfTheDay that I share on Twitter and on the Facebook page for this blog (again, link to the right) transforms, as if by magic, into #ChristmasSongOfTheDay – I really worked on that, didn’t I! Both the tunes and the ‘funnies’ began on Sunday and will last through to Christmas Day, and they were joined last year by a special post for the Winter Solstice and by #NewYearSongOfTheDay, both of which are likely to get the treatment again this year. For those of you still to exercise the wisdom and good taste to join me on my Facebook page, I will again do what I began last year: a series of posts at roughly weekly intervals, giving you the chance to catch up on what you had been missing. By and large, my musical taste isn’t very oriented towards the pop charts: only four of last year’s selection had been chart hits. This reflects my view that most of what gets into the charts is rubbish! As a taster, this is today’s song. It comes from the brilliant Dropkick Murphys and is one that I’ve featured before. This hysterical video deserves another outing, though

I hope you’ll find plenty to enjoy in my Christmas month posts and on my social media sites, if you follow me there – yup, you guessed it, links are to the right if you don’t already. See you again soon – the first catch up post of songs will be here at the weekend – and I hope that, like the dogs in the picture above, your Christmas planning will take account of all eventualities 😉