Rather later than usual, due to unforeseen circumstances beyond my control, I’m returning after my absence with my recap of last month’s posts, in case you are suffering from FOMO. Firstly, though, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who took the time and trouble to wish me well while I was away – it was hugely appreciated! I think I managed to reply to everyone, but was unable to keep up with reading your blogs, so I’m afraid your masterpieces may have passed me by. Sorry!

I posted eleven times in total last month – one of my more productive periods! As always, the first was my review of the previous month, Rosebuds From June, which was titled after a rather lovely song by one of the pioneers of English folk-rock music, Steeleye Span. If you missed it, do give it a listen: to be honest, its probably the best reason you’d have for revisiting the post…

There were, of course, the regular set of Tuesday Tunes posts, of which there were four, matching neatly the number of Tuesdays last month. These began with Tuesday Tunes 64: Double Down, which was the second half of a two parter using down as its musical reference point. The music came from ELO, The Yardbirds, Oysterband, The Band, Steve Earle, Steeleye Span, Eric Clapton (with a stellar backing group), and Tom Petty. A pretty fair selection, I thought!

Then came Tuesday Tunes 65: Chance, which was another week in which I broke my own self-imposed maximum of six songs by choosing a seventh, which just shouted at me to include it. The theme was prompted by our Prime Minister, a man who embodies all the worst elements of the definition of a ‘chancer.’ It gave me some more good music, though, with selections from Steve Winwood, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Bob Seger, America, Chris Rea, ABBA, and John Lennon with the Plastic Ono band. A bit of an eclectic mix, I think.

I followed that one with Tuesday Tunes 66: Loud, which rather reflected the mood I was in at that time: when I need to shut out the stupidities of the world, there is nothing better than cranking up the dial to 11! I think I made my point: the music was by Steppenwolf, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Bad Company, The Faces, and The Darkness. Ear plugs were advisable!

I rounded off the month with Tuesday Tunes 67: The Eighties, which was prompted by a comments chat with my blogging friend Cindy in which she asked if I didn’t listen to music later than the Sixties or Seventies. Indeed I do – a lot of it – so I compiled a list based purely on the top forty songs of each year of the decade in the UK Official Charts. From that total of 400 I managed to whittle things down to a maximum of 23 that I might play, bearing in mind that my tastes had by then largely moved on from the pop music that filled the charts with music for weenyboppers. In this piece, I gave you the first eight of these, and intended to follow this up until real life got in the way. The tunes were by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Pink Floyd, Phil Collins, The Police, Foreigner, Queen, Bruce Springsteen, and Dire Straits. Have you spotted the connection? All but one of them were around in the Seventies, and one dates back to the Sixties, though these were all chart hits in the Eighties. Old habits seem to be hard to break, I guess.

There were three other music posts last month. The first of these was in honour (sorry, honor) of the many of you from the USA who were celebrating your release from colonialism. Imaginatively, I called this Songs For Independence Day, and in addition to a potted history lesson with a trailer from the Madness Of King George movie, there was music from The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, The Shires, Martina McBride, Gretchen Peters, rounding things off, of course, with Bruce Springsteen’s Independence Day.

The other two music posts were both from a delve back into my archives, from the time in 2016 when I began the now largely defunct #SaturdaySongs series. In these, I took a song which has some meaning for me, and explored it in more depth, giving you a glimpse into me as well as the song. The first was by a Canadian band unknown to just about everyone here, The Great Lake Swimmers, and the post was A #SaturdaySong Revisited. This gave you the story of why the band holds a special place in my heart, and you got to hear their lovely songs Easy Come, Easy Go and New Wild Everywhere too, which was a bonus!

The other piece of archive retrieval came in A #SaturdaySong Revised, which took me right back to the first record I ever bought: Eve Of Destruction, by Barry McGuire. For good measure, I also threw into the mix the song with the New Christy Minstrels for which McGuire is probably best known.

There were also a couple of pieces of light relief last month. I gave you Saturday Smiles 3, which took us back to the Fifties and Sixties, with Gerard Hoffnung, and then Flanders And Swann, plus a latter day parody/homage by Armstrong And Miller. There were also a couple of songs from the inimitable Tom Lehrer, and a piece of storytelling by the genius that was Sir Peter Ustinov.

A change of tack with the other post, in which I shared my enjoyment of the Apple TV+ show Ted Lasso, and showed how I think this can help us all laugh, cry and think. It’s a lovely show, and I hope you can get the chance to see it. If not, the clips I included in A Little Feelgood will have to suffice for now!

The final post for last month was An Apology, which explained my enforced sudden absence. I hope you missed me as much as I missed you!

I usually like to leave you in these posts with the song whose title I adapted for the piece, but this month’s didn’t need any tinkering by me:

Yes, I thought ‘Noah’ was a male name, too, but you’d have to ask her parents about that. Yes, her dad is called Billy Ray, and her older sister is the one given to swinging around naked on a wrecking ball. But this is simply lovely, with some beautifully intense and meaningful lyrics, written when she was just 19. And her clothes stay on for the video too (you have to watch the one for her song All Three if that’s what you’re looking for!).

See you next month, when my more normal schedule will have resumed. Tuesday Tunes will be back next week, and there may be a little something else in the meantime if I can get my act together. Have fun, stay well.


43 thoughts on “July

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  2. Hi Clive – so glad you were up to posting and welcome back – I just linked you with my doors post and it was nice to come here and see this post from you –
    the Noah song was tase as her voice felt natural and gritty and trained – the video had some serious artistic touches with the old luggage and simpleness – and it fit the sadness I sensed from the lyrics – only mild complaint about the video was when Noah was whistling in the video – it did not seem to align with the whistle in the audio (to me at least) – and then I know she is beautiful but for some reason her face reminded me of botox plumpness – but I say that with all respect because I have no idea of what she naturally looks ke and this might just be her look –
    and also – OMG – Miley’s sister can sing (but I guess the de-clothing runs in the family – and I won’t be checking our her other song – ha)

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    • Hi Yvette. Thank you, it feels good to be back. I’ll visit your post shortly – thank you for the link!

      I think Noah has more natural talent than her sister, and a distinctive voice which fits her music well. I guess that was a sync issue with the video – I noticed it too, but I still love it. The other song I mentioned is pretty good too 😉

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      • Yeah – agree with what you wrote but her eyes did not look healthy – in the video part with the mirror reflection she seemed to have the eyes of 60 year old – not the make up and all the plumped up lips and face areas – but the glossy feel – reminded me of Suzanne summers – (who is rather healthy for her age and I had read two of her books and while I don’t agree with all of her stuff she was the first one who introduced ,e to gut health and intestinal health for external health) anyhow – sometimes you can see her age (Suzanne) by her glossy eyes and that was what I felt when I saw this young girl – hmmmm
        Anyhow – it also reminds me of the plastic doll face look these days – the lead actress in the queen’s gambit had it too –

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      • I’m afraid I have no idea who Suzanne Summers is! The plastic doll look has been around in movies for decades, going right back to the silent days. As long as it isn’t fake or chemically induced I guess it’s ok. Btw when I watched the Miranda Lambert video you shared yesterday there is a scene about a minute in when the camera pans round the audience, one of whom looks a lot like Noah Cyrus. She has an acting background, so I wonder if it was her?

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      • Hi Clive – interesting about the Lambert video – and I almost did not share that particular video for my share (and I know you know what I mean because you have shared about why you choose a lyrics video or a live performance etc on your shares)
        And I guess that is an award winning video but I downtowns grow tired of too much subject – so to be honest – I never watched the entire video and only streamed the song – and then not that often either – because the Bluebird in My Heart song was nice from the road trip – but not lyrics I stand behind –
        For wellness that is!
        Partly because it is a bit sophomoric in the approach to keeping that song in the heart- subtly promotes alcohol drinking and maybe even gambling – the part about if life gives me lemons and adding them to her drink – and if gets dealt a bad hand has a wild card up her sleeve – a few ideas like that – in my view – are trite and not really how we recover and thrive – I read somewhere that maybe there were references to her bad divorce – but as fun as that little song is – I sense shallowness and and an emptiness – hmmm
        And Suzanne somers – – my bad! Spelled the name wrong –
        She was on three’s company (but started as being a blonde guest on a late night talk show) well she has some interesting tidbits – just grabbed one of her books from
        The fifty- cent shelf – a thick hard cover book that I have yet to even open (have a stack to tackle soon) –

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      • For that video to get an award seems strange to me – it wasn’t especially ambitious, was it! I’m not sure if it is Noah in it, but she has acted, following her sister’s lead.

        Spelling makes no difference: I still have no idea who she is!

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      • yeah – it is a mixed bag – and I am not sure if I am a Somers fan, but she earns my respect because I heard she has been an astute business woman (not that means someone lived a good life or even contributed to the world in good ways – but heard she was clever and smart)
        and also for the bits of content about gut health and how the immune system connects to intestines (the health and GI tract are not talked about anymore and it seems we less and less have health tips with all of this frigging paranoia about misinformation)
        anyhow, hope your week is going well

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      • I get rather cynical about the ‘health tips’ industry, I’m afraid. I think they’re only in it for the money, and who can say if any of them are right? The week is ok so far thanks, hope the same for you 😊

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      • Well I think the way we can tell if they are right is by how or if it helps our body
        Are we improving
        And is the immune system fortified
        The medical world and allopathic care has become so drug minded that a lot of alternative ideas are not provided
        And the other thing – truth has a way of resonating and revealing itself as true
        It sits right and feels right because it is right –

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      • I know that about you – hahaha
        But it’s not annoying because you have a good personality to make up for it and then also have a side that lives people
        The cynic without the extras is like sludge on the sidewalk – ha

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  4. So happy to see you back, Clive. I hope you are back to full health! July was another good month at Take It Easy. I also had not heard of Noah, but based on this song, I already like her music better than her sister’s. And I hope you get caught up on Ted Lasso…

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    • Hi Robbie. Thank you, that’s very sweet of you. I came home on Monday and have had a lot to sort out since then, but felt ready to get back into things today. Plenty of ongoing care on the cards, but I’m being well looked after and the treatment package seems to be coming together – they don’t always, so that’s a worry I can save myself! I trust all is well with you and your family 😊

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  5. Glad to have you back in the saddle, Clive. Very nice tune! It’s always the sister who swings around naked who seems to get all of the attention. Being as outlandish as possible seems to be the strategy. Miley does have some talent, but it would be nice if she just stuck to the music. I haven’t heard anything from the dad in a long time, but I remember his legendary mullet.

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    • Thanks, Pete, glad to be back. It’s a lovely tune, isn’t it. Noah is seven years Miley’s junior, and I suspect her – in my view, superior – talent will have outstripped her big sister by the time she’s that age (and I use the word ‘outstripped’ deliberately). That mullet and Achy Breaky Heart is all I know dad for 😊

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  6. Welcome back, Clive…I haven’t listened to or heard this young lady before maybe her sister hogged all the limelight…She does have a haunting voice though and would like to hear more from her…I do hope you are much better now ,Clive 🙂 x

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    • Thank you, Carol. I love her voice and this song is beautiful. She’s seven years younger than Miley so is playing catch up for now. Several EPs and singles, and quite a few videos on YouTube if you want to hear more (or see more, come to that!). Thank you – I’m on the mend, I think 🤞 x


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