I’d been intending to make my next post about something very special in my life but, as so often, things have taken longer than I anticipated. It seems that you can’t hurry nature, as well as love! That post will be here soon, I hope, but the jigsaw for it isn’t quite complete yet.

So, to fill the space, I thought I’d raid my back catalogue again for something which most of you won’t have seen before. I originally wrote this piece in November 2015, but was prompted to share it again by hearing the song I illustrated it with – Nina Nesbitt’s ‘Selfies’ – coming out of my tv. Apparently, Fiat UK think it an appropriate song to accompany their latest ad – to give us the message that their cars are for the shallow and self-obsessed, presumably. Not quite in the Ford Edsel class of disastrous marketing but I still think they might have chosen something better! ‘Three wheels on my wagon’, perhaps?

This is one of my lighter pieces – I describe it as a rant but it’s pretty mild, really. As the orange dotard says in his tweets, when he announces yet another interview with the only tv station stupid enough to give him airtime: ‘Enjoy’ 😉

PS Just to prove that I have no interest in my appearance, I’d like to point out that the hideous beard that aged me ten years has now gone!

Take It Easy

Do you ever feel like getting it all off your chest? Like having a really good rant? Yes, other forms of release are available, but ranting does have its uses. I’m a fairly mild person, so my ranting is probably akin to Dennis Healey’s description of being attacked by Geoffrey Howe: like being savaged by a dead sheep. But I feel a mild rant coming on…..

You cannot fail to have noticed the trend in recent years for people taking selfies. These vary from the ‘I’m in the toilet on a night out’ type, aka bogshots, via themed crazes (see later!) to ‘I was here’ shots in front of famous landmarks. Sadly, celebrity autograph hunting seems to have been replaced by forcing said celebrities to pose with a grinning idiot. Am I out of touch, or is this just totally and utterly stupid? It was even ‘legitimised’ two years ago –…

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16 thoughts on “Selfies

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  2. When our current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, was newly elected, he made a habit of taking ‘selfies’ with everyone he met. We wondered how he could get anything done! I notice he has stopped doing that, since the job is VERY demanding, but he maintains his popularity anyway! His secret, I think, is being quite accessible.

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    • I remember him doing that. No point in Trump trying it – there wouldn’t be room for anyone else in the photo alongside his head! You’re lucky to have a good leader like Trudeau – we aren’t so blessed.


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