Tuesday Tunes 7: Escape

As the clue in the title shows, we are now entering week 7 of the lockdown here in the UK. Perhaps surprisingly, a recent survey showed that this was supported by 77% of the population, and opposed by only 15%. It would appear that after our recent spell of collective stupidity in elections we are beginning to develop a herd common sense at last. Sadly, it is no surprise to me that most of the noises against the lockdown seem to be coming from the wealthy and big business owners – money always talks, doesn’t it? I found it particularly offensive that one of the pleas for a government handout came from Richard Branson, whose behaviour towards his Virgin Airline staff has been atrocious, and who last year had the gall to sue the NHS for not awarding a contract to another one of his companies. I have always held that profit has no place in healthcare, and vultures like him re-emphasise the point for me. Hopefully his staff will be supported financially by the government, even if he refuses to use any of his personal fortune to do it. He can at least sit this all out from the comfort of his tropical island!

As we go into our seventh week of lockdown we are beginning to see signs of the way out. Last weekend our esteemed Prime Minister said that he would be announcing the exit plan on Thursday, only to change this to ‘next weekend’ when it became clear that new scientific advice wouldn’t be ready by Thursday. I don’t know about you, but his planning skills wouldn’t encourage me to employ him to arrange a booze up in brewery. But, on the positive side, we may just be given some clues about what needs to happen for the lockdown to be relaxed, which has to be a good thing, right? Trusting the government to get the decisions about it correct, on the other hand – not something that comes easily, given their record to date. Similarities between Johnson and Trump are often drawn: their initial inactivity in tackling the coronavirus was equally inept, and we are paying the price for that now. But I remain hopeful that signs that we have passed the peak are proved right, and that the lockdown relaxation doesn’t come too soon or too rapidly for it to be effective. Fingers crossed.

But let’s be positive! Thoughts of people on tropical islands have given me this week’s theme. Many of us will of late have been spending much more time than usual reflecting on our lives, and building up hopes and dreams – but probably not plans, as yet – for what we will do when this is all over. I’m not a traveller myself – medical conditions militate against that – but many are, and I would imagine that their thoughts will have been turning towards….escape. I promised last week that I would give you an upbeat selection and, whilst neither of this week’s tunes is a belting rocker they do, I think, capture the spirit of how we can ‘escape’ in our thoughts and songs.

The first tune is actually called Escape, though I would imagine that most will know it by the subtitle in brackets:

I hadn’t realised before that Rupert Holmes was actually born as David Goldstein here in the UK, to an American father and British mother: I’d always thought he was American. That song was no.1 in the US and several other countries, though I was surprised to see that it only got as far as no.23 in the UK: the amount of radio coverage it received at the time had left me with the feeling that it reached much higher. He was even on Top Of The Pops with it – the ultimate accolade here for a pop song. After last week’s Stephen Stills song it may appear that I’m encouraging infidelity. I can assure you that I’m not, and in any case the couple in this song couldn’t meet up at present without breaking lockdown and social distancing rules. But as escapes go, it has a nice twist to it, even if they didn’t have to travel far in his imagination to make it happen.

This week’s second song is from a singer/songwriter of whom I’ve been a fan ever since her first album, a mere 33 years ago: Mary Chapin Carpenter. I’ve featured her songs before, but not this one. This is a piece of wishful thinking taken to perfection:

The beauty of the tune is matched by the lyrics, which evoke thoughts of creative beauty in bygone days. Of course, music isn’t the only one of the arts to share in that but, as the meme at the top of the post says, it can certainly play its part! The images that MCC creates are beautiful, as is the whole feel of the song: her warm voice is so soothing, the music is understated, with the mandolin subtly underscoring the lyrics, and that accordion gets me every time! As I said: perfection. If you want to hear more of her she is one of the many artists doing lockdown performance on Facebook which, as well as herself, feature roles for her pets too – they are adorable, especially Angus.

As always, I hope you’re keeping safe and well and doing what your government is telling you to do. I know they are an easy target but despite my criticism of them I know that they are trying to find solutions to all of this, and we don’t help if we ignore their advice! Take care, and I’ll see you next Tuesday.


38 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes 7: Escape

  1. Never knew that song was called escape!
    Haha – and it is such an earworm song….
    Love it – however – do not love the message because one day – many many years ago – realized that song has them both about to cheat – and I am against those values – so they make the song all fun and “oh it’s you” with a chuckle – but gloss over the cheating

    The Mary carpenter song was unique and her voice was beautiful

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  2. As my own blog “about me” says it’s not possible to spend enough time in Italy. Mary Chapin Carpenter’s song captures a sentiment close to my heart.
    In respect of your other choice – Escape. I’m with the UK listener with it getting only to the low 20s on the chart. I’d ask why did it even get that high? Its not a favourite of mine but clearly of many others as it is played regularly on my radio station of choice.
    I always enjoy your Tuesday songs, however on this occasion I don’t think you will prompt me to reconsider Escape! 😂

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    • I can understand what you mean about MCC and Italy. I’ve been there a couple of times and loved it. On the other one, as I said in response to another comment it’s a long way from being a favourite of mine: chosen for its title fitting the theme 😊

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  3. Nice selections, Clive. Of course, I knew the Pina Colada song but never heard of Mary Chapin Carpender before. She has a nice voice; one that you can sit back, close your eyes, and you ‘really are there’ sort of voices.

    I couldn’t resist but include one of my own.

    This was one of the first songs I remember seeing on Top of the Pops.

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    • Thanks, Hugh, and for sharing on Twitter too. A good description of MCC’s voice, and I hope you listen to more of her music, as it really is lovely.

      I’ve planned these posts for another four weeks and that one is scheduled for a few weeks’ time – but don’t tell anyone!

      PS I’m old enough to have watched TOTP from the beginning!

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      • Oh, no! Sorry to have done that, Clive. I’m sure everybody will enjoy listening to it when you include it in an upcoming post.

        I’m sure I started watching TOTP before 1975, but for some reason, the song I mentioned came straight to mind as my first memory of the show.

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      • No worries, I’m sure no one will remember when I get to it 😉

        It’s funny how our memory does that to us. The longer I live the more I realise that things I’ve remembered for many years couldn’t possibly have happened as I thought!

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  4. We’re on week number eight, and not a whole lot has changed, although I see more people out and about. Some restrictions are starting to be lifted, but not substantially. I rarely golf, but I noticed our local course is now open for the first time since this started.

    I generally am in agreement with the general public, but occasionally there is a song that most people like that I don’t understand the attraction. The Pina Colada song is one of those for me. I don’t know why it is so popular. Perhaps I’m the oddball.

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    • The picture we get from there is that things vary depending on where you are, and how much the governor wants to suck up to Trump. Hope the way out doesn’t cause more problems.

      I chose that because it was a good fit for the theme. Tbh it isn’t among my top 10,000 favourites either 😉

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    • You were ahead of us, as most countries were. I’m glad you’re working well through it. Thanks on the choices, they seemed a good fit 😊


  5. two great tunes – never realized the first one was titled “Escape”. When I think of escape songs I usually think of Jimmy Buffett; it seems he has built his entire career on evoking a sense of escape – to Margaritaville, to the islands, to anywhere.

    and let’s hope our leaders get the easing of the lockdown right, and don’t try to push it too soon…

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    • That comes as a surprise to many! I don’t really know Jimmy Buffett but have recently come upon him via Caroline Jones, who has toured and done videos with him. Sounds like he has life well-sorted!

      We can but hope but yours is even worse than ours, by putting business interests before human life, so I’m not holding my breath!

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  6. I discovered Mary Chapin Carpenter by reading your blogs, Clive, so thanks for that! I don’t have any great need to travel anywhere outside the UK. Travelling is over-rated as far as I’m concerned.

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  7. 14 March was my last OUT except for two doctor visits. I am staying put because we can only do what those who know more than us say they believe it is best. I am not in a trench or queuing with a ration book in hand, nor am I gun pointed at an assailant. This fight is bigger than that, its stealthy and sly, unseen. Three people, who shared a seat at our table … will not be coming back. That puts staying in into perspective. I think the second wave could be worse, as people think they are hard done; by flout the rules. We will get through this, and one day we may be pleased we were told to stay in.

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  8. I was Facetiming my sister in Perth on Sunday and they are far ahead of us relaxing things. But they were ahead of us in clamping down in the first place. Of course it helped that they closed Western Australia from the rest of the country and put up road blocks to keep people in their designated areas.

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